Active packages

Canoe trip

You want to escape the stressful & often noisy everyday life? Then get into a paddle boat. Experience the wild and romantic White Elster & follow its course from Berga/Elster to Wünschendorf. Enjoy the absolute freedom in nature. Paddling is more than just gliding on the water – it means being in harmony with nature, letting your soul dangle & recharging your batteries.

Hiking on the Elsterperlenweg, a circular trail through the valley of the White Elster River

On request, our guide can dress you & your fellow travelers on hikes. (Day tours) We have filtered out 1 – 2 beautiful, easy to moderate routes on the Elsterperlenweg (eg 3.stage) that we can hike together or you independently.


Balloon ride

A balloon ride – An unforgettable experience

Our business friend Andreas Prüfer offers the possibility to experience the freedom in the air all year round in calm weather conditions.


City tours in Gera by professional guides

As a further active possibility we have made contact with the association “Guest Guide Region Gera”. You can explore and visit the city of Gera and its surroundings under the professional guidance of tour guides, e.g. costumed city tours, caves & black beer tours, night watchman tours and much more…

Gersch from the tap in Steinweg

GERSCH beer you drink here
In addition to Pils, light and dark lager, other traditional types of beer are brewed and offered here, such as Märzen or Bockbier, which can be purchased and enjoyed on tap or in bottles for domestic use. Experience special taste sensations here at Steinweg 7.




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